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Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Pakse, Laos, December 2019

The history of the Secret War and its effect on the people of Laos and greater community is complex. It is a very tragic one and many lives were lost and families dispersed. The wounds of war are felt on both sides and the healing continues.

I am moved by the leadership shown by the US. It makes me ever more proud to be an American. We do not shy away from our responsibilities. We mend what is broken and do right by our country and our allies. It is what makes us good and strong.

I am equally in awe of the kind spirit of the people of Laos. I didn’t sense any anger or resentment towards the US for bombing Laos. Here it seems that history is simply that, history.

The people focus on building a better future and enjoying the precious moments that is the gift of life. They rally together and welcome the partnership and re-new friendship of the US to once and for all, clear Laos!

I am inspired by what I have seen and felt here in Laos. Like the grace and beauty of the Champa, the Laotian people found a way to forgive and move on. With the strength of the Mekong, Laos will be cleared, the people will rebuild, and the country will regain the might of a million elephants.

Happy children playing in the Mekong.

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