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Legacies Library is a collection of books, films, articles, and oral histories vetted by Legacies of War that tells the story of the American bombing of Laos (1964-1973) and its neighbors in Vietnam and Cambodia. Legacies Library offers original programming including film screenings and author interviews that tell the living story of the “Secret War” in Laos–ensuring it’s no longer a footnote in American history.

The works below have been selected by the staff and trustees of Legacies of War. We are Lao-Americans, American veterans, diplomats, and members of the diaspora from the Secret War. Though we come from diverse backgrounds, we share a commitment to providing accurate and insightful resources on the legacy of the Secret War in Laos.

Resources on the Secret War

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How a new library sheds light on the US ‘secret war’ in Laos
"Most Americans learn something about the Vietnam War at school. Fewer learn about the shadow war that was being fought alongside it."