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In bringing greater attention to the UXO issues in Laos and increasing resources available for educating the public, we've helped to make a real impact in the United States and on the ground in Laos. As result of our work more land is being cleared, lives are being saved and additional support is available 

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We are currently not accepting applications on a rolling basis and will announce the next cycle for recruitment through our social media channels and newsletters. Please reach out directly to Aleena Inthaly, Chief of Staff, for additional info or questions.

All internship positions are paid and supported by generous contributions from University partners and donors with flexible negotiable hours. Students can receive academic credit consistent with their college or university guidelines.


You can make a difference to end this deadly legacy. Your donation to Legacies of War can help change this terrible reality.

Join thousands of others around the country who have expressed their outrage and sadness and have taken action to make a difference. For details on available sponsorships, please contact our Chief of Mission Advancement, Danae, at


Legacies of War is fortunate to rely on a network of dedicated volunteers from across the country. We are always looking to grow our team. If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact us at


Show your Representative that the UXO issue matters to you! Click here to find your representative and urge them to join the UXO Demining Caucus!

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Bounthanh Phommasathit, Community Leader & Entreprenuer, Ohio, USA

"As a child that was born in a village that was the most bombed on Earth per capita, there were sad memories that I never thought I would overcome. From war-torn memories to building fond memories by providing necessary social services to the people and becoming happy and fulfilled when an individual family has success in their lives, one family at a time."

Pass the Mic Please!

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