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Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.5

Well I have seen my home develop through the past. But then the grass (of the rooftop) was struck by the bullets from the airplanes and burned. These three were worried about their belongings in the house. If everything burned what were they to do to care for their future lives, to have rice to put in their stomachs? These three, mother and her two sons, ran out of the mouth of the cave. Their goal was to go to their burning home and retrieve some of their belongings to have for their future lives. But their fate was ended. Just then a bomb from the airplanes hit them. That bomb was a very big bomb. They were careful but the fragments struck them. All three people in this one family lost their lives to the necessities of this war.

This is the real fruit of war! That people die for no reason and no result.

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