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In the life of Lao people in which there was war, in a manner of which we are unable to say too much. It only happened this one time that I saw someone die in the forest in the hills. But wherever you went all you heard about was people who had died. There was one young man who died in the center of the forest. I don't know who he was. The time I saw him, there were just flies infesting him and crows eating the body. So that you couldn't tell who it was because he had died in the middle of the forest, four kilometers from the village.

The family of one man had searched for him for many days but they never found him. That day after I saw the body, I went to tell that family about it so they could go collect the body. But they couldn't because it was already all decomposed.

After that there was an eight year old child who was hit and wounded by the airplanes, but hadn't yet died. He just screamed in the road. Then the hand of an old woman led the wounded child into the forest for temporary shelter. Then when the planes had left she led him to a shelter where there was a hole.

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