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Muong Non, Xieng Khouang



Dimensions: 8 x 5

This picture is in 1967 when the T-28 planes destroyed the houses of the people. In December 1967 around the 5th, the airplanes destroyed the homes of the people. Many planes dropped many different kinds of bombs; like poison fish K-ME, rockets, 150 kg. bombs and also anti-personnel bombs. This caused great destruction for the population, killing and wounding more than 40 people. At the same time, T-28's attacked the village almost constantly from 12 o'clock until 6 o'clock in the evening, when the airplanes left off the attack. After that the people were most afraid and troubled. Never before had they experienced war conducted by airplanes with so many people losing their lives or being wounded in consequence.

The people who lost their lives were those hit by the anti-personnel bombs or the 150 kg. bombs or by the rockets. In this picture I have depicted the 150 kg. bombs, or rockets, and anti-personnel bombs. At the same time the bombs struck the people's houses, destroying all of them. And causing fire as well.

This caused great poverty for the people and shortages of many kinds. After that the war grew worse every day until it was impossible for the people to lead normal lives and they fled into the forest and jungle to hide. Then in 1969 the people saw the poverty, suffering and oppression they had withstood. They saw that they couldn't withstand the bombing by T-28's. So they fled from their birthplace, Muong Non, leaving their ricefields, paddies, cows and buffalo until the present time.

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