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Xieng Khouang



Dimensions: 8 x 5.5

In the past as it happened in the region of our village. We are refugees who have fled from the region of Xieng Khouang to come here because there we were always afraid and didn't have any homes. All we saw was the fire of the firebombs. Every (where?) One day I saw the planes come and I ran out with my child. But I ran out and my child's skin was hit. I took him and ran for the forest but before we reached it. There were some people who tried to take their belongings and run out of the houses with their children. But the houses were old and big. They were hit by the airplanes and burned and we were not courageous enough to go get any more belongings. After that day I always stayed in the holes in the forest. I didn't have any house at all. I just made a very small shelter in which to stay.

Written with the truthfulness of what I saw.

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