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Titus and Linda Peachey Peace Fellowship


About the Fellowship

In honor of their decades of service and love for Laos, Legacies of War has created The Titus and Linda Peachey Peace Fellowship (TLPPF) to inspire future leaders to continue the incredible legacy of Titus and Linda.


The TLPPF will have the opportunity to travel to Laos with Legacies of War (2025-2026). Travel costs will be fully covered and the Fellow will receive $2,500 upon successful completion of the program.



  • Must be a former or current intern/part-time staff member/consultant or Rockstar Volunteer

  • Must be at least 18 years of at the date to travel to Laos and no older than the age of 35

  • English language (Bonus - Lao/Hmong language)

Deadline to apply is August 1st, 2024.


Sok dee derrr! Good luck! Please email with any questions.

Trip to Laos Responsibilities:


  • Research travel logistics

  • Pay detailed attention to schedule and update the itinerary

  • Schedule arrival ground transportation

  • Document/record behind the scenes content on phone and/or camera

  • Support Chief of Staff on organizing travel expense log before, during, and after travel

  • Take daily notes and observations during field visits

  • Engage and network with partners

Post-Trip Responsibilities:

  • Following the trip, present on experience at two different Legacies of War events in-person.

  • Together with a Legacies staff member or board member, spend one day on The Hill in Washington D.C. meeting together with members of Congress.

Titus and Linda's Legacy






Linda and Titus begin their work together in Laos from 1981-1985 for Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) with humanitarian assistance focused on post-war recovery.

Titus helped to start an unexploded ordnance project on behalf of MCC. This project, now administered by the Lao government, employs more than 4,000 people working for different agencies in nine different provinces.

Titus joins the board of Legacies of War in 2004 and retires at the end of 2022 after serving for 18 years.

Titus has been a life-long advocate for a global ban on cluster munitions. As a result of the work of the Cluster Munition Coalition in which Titus participated, representatives from 107 countries met in Dublin, Ireland in 2008 and agreed to end the production, sale, use and storage of these weapons by adopting the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

In November 2010, the Peacheys returned to Laos for an international meeting of about 1,000 government officials and leaders of nongovernmental organizations opposed to the use of cluster munitions.

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The Story that Changed Them Forever

In a small village in northern Laos in early 1981, a mother of 11 children accidentally struck a cluster bomb with a hoe while working in her garden, and was killed.

The next day, Linda visited the woman’s family. During her visit, she was given a broken hoe head, and with this gift, she was given a request: “Take this hoe head back to America,” said the woman’s husband. “Use it to tell our story, so that this won’t happen again to other families in other countries.”


Decades have passed since Linda visited the motherless family, but the Peacheys have not forgotten the family's request to tell people their story. The broken hoe head she received that day has accompanied the Peacheys on many speaking engagements and sits on Titus's desk as a motivation to keep working.

"We've really tried to honor that desire that we not forget that family," Gehman Peachey said.

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