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Legacies of War

Sepon, Laos, December 2019

Legacies of War is the glue that holds all of the players in the sector together. During this transition period, our role is even more important and we must stand strong. There are lot of questions about what’s next for Legacies and we are still mapping out a path.

One thing is clear—The UXO issue in Laos needs to remain on the agenda until Laos is cleared and victims cared for. Funding must stay consistent and our partners know that the US has their backs.

Walking with UXO Lao team on the field.

Legacies will continue to take leadership on the Hill and expand our reach in the US to connect with all regions of the country. We must build capacity for our staff and grow our board of directors. There are so many opportunities and this is a time for us to really reflect on what are the most important priorities. We know we cannot be all things to all people. There’s so much that we want to accomplish but we will need to be laser focused and selective. Legacies is truly lucky to have such strong congressional support and leadership on the Hill and grassroots support throughout the US and abroad. We have an incredible board and volunteers who are dedicated to our mission until the end. ​WE CAN CLEAR LAOS WITHIN OUR LIFETIME.

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Today the war is over but the post-war ruins are still there. This is very dangerous for the lives of surrounding people geometry dash

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