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On March 8th, 2022 on International Women’s Day, we completely changed the platform of the virtual series from Facebook Live stream to an evergreen audio only format and launched our very first podcast with the same name Thip Khao Talk.

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and listeners, we brought together a total (to date) of 16 speakers and 10 moderators from academia, public policy, and the broader professional community to highlight important work that’s being done to support the work that we do in Laos and the U.S. and share their personal experiences working in fields addressing the UXO issue in Laos. Since its creation Legacies has hosted 11 successful Thip Khao Talks and one full season of the podcast with various themes centered around History, Healing, and Hope.


Every episode is an edited short listen of 15-30 minutes in length narrated by our Sticky Rice Squad and covers a variety of topics all focused on the power of storytelling. All of our editing and recording was done in house. As an exclusive look into how we record and edit the podcast, our Executive Producer Aleena wrote an in-depth account on the process that we shared as a newsletter and in the press with our listeners. The podcast was released on four platforms including Spotify, Apple, Anchor, and Google podcasts for maximum accessibility.

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