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Khao Niew's Classroom focuses on creating content that further educates our supporters and the public about the American Secret War in Laos and the work that we do! Come explore our classroom. 

Featured in
Youth Democracy Cohort

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Get to Know Khao Niew

"Khao Niew" means sticky rice in the Lao Language. He is a "Thip Khao" (sticky rice basket) that is here to teach the youth about the Lao culture, history and how important it is to advocate. Just like how sticky rice holds a strong foundation in Lao food, Khao Niew is here to bring a strong foundation to the American public about the American Secret War in Laos and advocacy. 


The American Secret War in Laos


Khao Niew in the real world!

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Khao Niew's Club @ Vientiane International School visiting MAG Visitor Centre in Vientiane

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