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Waiting to Explode

About the Film

"Waiting to Explode" is a documentary about the lingering impacts of nine years of saturation bombing with anti-personnel bombs and other ordnance during the "Secret War" in Laos (1964-1973).  We interviewed Fred Branfman (publisher of "Voices from the Plain of Jars") and others who are active in accelerating UXO clearance. "Waiting to Explode" weaves interviews, photographs, and fact sheets while following several victims of anti-personnel bomb explosions as they strive to move forward after their injuries.

The Director or Producer

Directed: Shuja Paul

On November 5th, 2011 Shuja was among the eight writers selected to pitch his script Tie the Knot at the American Film Market which led to the production and Netflix Worldwide distribution of Tie the Knot. Shuja Paul transitioned to Filmmaking in 2011 after Managing Global Business Development for a large multinational power & automation corporation. Shuja studied filmmaking at New York Film Academy, he directed several short films before his first feature film. Shuja is also a trained SAG actor with credits including HBO TV Show Brink, TNT TV Show Murder In The First and Lifetime TV Show Help What's Killing Me. Shuja Directed an International team in Laos and Thailand for the production of "Waiting To Explode" documentary based on danger zones of un-exploded ordinances. Shuja directed four annual TV shows for Sony Pictures Entertainment, the guests included international celebrities Andre Agassi, Jimmy Connors and Sunil Gavaskar. Shuja has three TV series and six feature films in development including Unusual Assets.

Directed: Shuja Paul
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