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Stephen White

Board of Directors

“I first learned about the enduring presence of unexploded ordnance (UXO) throughout Laos after discovering an unexploded device while camping in rural Vientiane Province. Through conversations with friends and colleagues, I gained an understanding of the remarkable clearance efforts taking place in Laos. As an outdoor enthusiast, I believe it’s crucial to address the insecurity and economic hindrance posed by UXO. Whether planting rice, harvesting coffee, or hiking, we aspire for the mountains of Laos to be free from UXO.”

My Story

Stephen is currently an administrator of an International Baccalaureate (IB) school in Laos. His efforts are focused on reimaging the IB educational framework in a low-cost international school that primarily serves Lao families. He is committed to staying in Laos and contributing inside and outside of his school.

Before living in Laos, Stephen lived in Central America for about a decade, where he earned a degree in Latin American Liberation Theology and later worked as the Central Americn Missions Director for a US-based organization that supported small NGOs by facilitating long-term international volunteers throughout Central America. 

The connection between education for awareness, activism for peace, and justice for those who have suffered make Legacies of War a movement that Stephen deeply admires and will gratefully offer his time and resources to.

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