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Mommy Eats Fried Grasshoppers

About the Book

A story of generational and cultural differences between mother and daughter. Endearing illustrations show Mahlee learning how differently Mommy did things as a child in Laos than she does in America. Mahlee loves doing everything with Mommy, but will she eat fried grasshoppers? A great way to inspire a conversation about childhood, culture and family history.

About the Author

Vilayvanh Bender

Vilayvanh Bender immigrated to America at the age of seven as a Vietnam War refugee, along with her family. Without knowing the language, her first goal in the United States was to become fluent in English.

She believes in the importance of cultural preservation and acceptance. Vilayvanh enjoys volunteering at her daughters’ school and sharing her Lao culture with students through stories, activities and play which have ultimately became the inspiration for her first children’s book.

Vilayvanh lives in Corona, California with her husband and two daughters. She is a private practice Registered Dietitian working with children and families. Vilayvanh is passionate about the health and wellness of all children. You will find her outdoors in her spare time, gardening, walking or playing tennis. Sharing dishes and trying new foods are two of her favorite things. Most of all, she enjoys laughing and making memories with her family.

Vilayvanh Bender
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