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The United States, Southeast Asia, and Historical Memory

About the Book

This book sheds crucial new light on the epochal U.S. interventions in Southeast Asia after World War II. Antiwar activist Fred Branfman describes the tragic lives of Laotian farmers under U.S. bombing. Cambodia scholar Ben Kiernan and colleague Owen Taylor illuminate the course of Cambodian history after unprecedented U.S. bombing. The book also includes classic works by Noam Chomsky, Nick Turse, and Edward Herman.

Why we recommend it: Short, digestible essays by experts like Noam Chomsky and Fred Branfman that explore the all-too-human effects of the bombings on Southeast Asia. Excellent academic resource.

About the Author

Edited by Mark Pavlick and Caroline Luft

Edited by Mark Pavlick and Caroline Luft

Mark Pavlick is an independent editor. He was active in the US movement against the Indochina wars in volunteer work with the Indochina Mobile Education Project and the Indochina Resource Center in Washington, DC.

Caroline Luft is an editor with Haymarket Books. She lives in New York City.

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