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At War in the Shadow of Vietnam

About the Book

This 1993 book was one of the first to tackle the full story of U.S. covert operations in Laos during the Vietnam War. Based on  declassified materials and interviews with dozens of key American and Lao officials, it examines the structure of the U.S. "Secret War" in Laos and its long-term consequences.

Why we recommend it: Anyone interested in learning the truth of U.S. involvement in Laos from 1955-1975 would do well to read this book. Castle interviewed dozens of Lao and American first-hand participants in this conflict. He utilized transcripts of U.S. Congressional hearings and studied declassified documents from the CIA, State Department, and U.S. Air Force about American military activities in Laos that went on despite the country's neutral and sovereign status. 

About the Author

Timothy N. Castle

Timothy N. Castle

Timothy N. Castle served two tours in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, flying over Laos from Nakhon Phanom Air Force Base on thirty-eight combat support missions. Since 1990, he has traveled to Laos frequently as a researcher and senior Department of Defense POW/MIA investigator for Laos, and as a consultant for NBC News. He was senior researcher at the CIA Center for the Study of Intelligence.

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