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A Short History of Laos, The Land in Between

About the Book

A Short History of Laos, The Land in Between chronicles the history of Laos from ancient times, when the dynastic states of the region waxed and waned, to the French occupation and Vietnam War through the early years of the  21st century. This guide investigates these key events under a new light and presents serious challenges to the conventional views about Laos’s intriguing history.

Why We Recommend It: A useful introduction to the broader history of Laos from the 14th century kingdom of Lan Xang, “The Land of a Thousand Elephants,” through 2002. Evans illustrates how a diverse population and geography, coupled with the experience of French colonial rule and the coups and counter-coups of the 1960s, influenced policy during the Secret War. While often painted as a mere proxy war between the USSR and United States, Evans takes care to introduce key players and movements within Laos during the Secret War, including the complexities of the failed neutralist movement and the rise and fall of the monarchy.

About the Author

Grant Evans

Grant Evans

Grant Evans has written extensively on Laos and Southeast Asia. His publications include The Politics of Ritual and Remembrance: Laos since 1975 (1998) and Laos: Culture and Society (1999).

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