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Taryn Sebba

Titus and Linda Peachey Peace Fellow

    My Story

    My name is Taryn Sebba, and I am deeply grateful and honored to be a Peachey Peace Fellow. Through my internship with Legacies of War, I had the privilege of meeting Titus and learning about his work with Linda through the Mennonite Central Committee in Laos. The Peachey's lives are a testament to the difference one individual can make when they deeply care about others. Their work in Laos, including removing UXO, uncovering truths about the Secret War (Titus calculated that the U.S. dropped 2.5 million tons of ordnance on Laos, equivalent to a planeload of bombs every eight minutes, 24/7, for nine years), inspiring generations of advocates, and promoting healing through service and love for Lao communities, is nothing short of remarkable. When interviewing for this fellowship, Titus and Linda emphasized that having an open mind and heart is crucial for these experiences. I am deeply grateful to be a Peachey Peace Fellow and hope to have a fraction of the impact the Peacheys have had and a heart as large as theirs. Thank you for this opportunity to learn from, connect with, and serve others. 

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