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Sophia Tran-Vu

Board of Directors

“As a daughter of Vietnamese refugees, I grew up seeing first hand how foreign public policy impacted people like my parents and left a lasting impression. My parents' stories shaped who I am today and has given me the drive to ensure we do better for future generations.”

My Story

Sophia Tran-Vu is a Director on TD Securities' US FIxed Income Sales team based in New York. She manages a team covering foreign and domestic institutional investors providing them solutions in fixed income. After graduating with a Bachelor's of Commerce, Major in Finance degree from the University of British Columbia in 2009, Sophia joined TD Securities in Toronto before transferring to New York as a part of TD Securities' build out of the US business. Sophia has been an active member of TD Securities' US Women in Leadership (WIL) committee over the last 9 years and currently serves as the chair of the WIL Mentoring sub-committee. Sophia also currently serves as the co-chair of TD Securities' US Minorities in Leadership (MIL) committee and is the current MIL Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) lead. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Sophia resides in Manhattan with her husband and son.

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