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Lucas Clarkson

Board of Directors

"As an American citizen and international school teacher living and working in Laos, I cannot help but feel a real responsibility to ensure that both of our countries benefit from a more peaceful and productive relationship.  While we may share a painful history, I do feel that we have come to a point where past wrongs must be acknowledged and made right.


I aim to encourage my fellow Americans, and citizens of all countries, to read and investigate further into America’s tragic involvement in Laos, and to understand that by correcting past mistakes, we make the path clearer for future generations. Being a Legacies of War Board Member is an incredible honor, and reinvigorates my commitment to spreading awareness of the organization’s mission and advocating for a future free from cluster munitions and the terrors of war."

My Story

Lucas is an International Baccalaureate (IB) educator, program coordinator, and coach at Vientiane International School in Laos.  He teaches Diploma-level courses in Global Politics and Geography, and also works with middle school students as a Humanities specialist. Lucas incorporates both Lao and southeast Asian history, geography, and culture into his classes throughout the school year.  One of his most ambitious units of inquiry focuses on human rights and the role of the ‘global citizen’ in an interdependent world.  The unit ends with a persuasive letter-writing campaign to global change-makers, advocating for UXO clearance and rehabilitation funding in Laos and other countries impacted by the use of cluster munitions. 


Lucas has a passion for community service and action. As a Community Engagement Coordinator, he leads initiatives to establish stronger ties with Lao partner schools, organizes community outreach programs for Lao families in need, and facilitates off campus service learning opportunities for students and staff.  Prior to his time in Laos, Lucas lived in both the Kansai and Kanto regions of Japan, a country he will always consider a second home.  Lucas values mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, and hopes to continue giving back to a world that has provided him with abundant opportunities to affect positive change. Feel free to connect with Lucas on Instagram @lucasinlaos.

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