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Layla Vengthisane Lahlou

Youth Advocacy Ambassador

    My Story

    Layla is 16 years old from Alexandria, Virginia and is of Lao and Moroccan descent. She has been working with Legacies for 3 years, but has been connected to her Lao roots since childhood. She plays 2 Lao instruments, the Khaen and Khim, and has performed Lao dance with Lao Heritage Foundation for 11 years. Layla is all about representation and models it as Edison High School’s class of 2025 secretary, Fairfax County’s superintendent advisory council, and Legacies of War’s Student Advocacy Ambassador. Layla’s passion for advocacy and humanities intertwines with STEM, and she’s in her third year of her highschool’s Global STEM Program. She also adores anything and everything artsy from guitar to singing to baking cookies!

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