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Khamsone Sirimanivong

Vice Chair

“I was born in Laos just one year before Laos changed political governments. Although I was just an infant when my family was exiled because of my father’s involvement with the Lao military, I remember quite a bit of the dramatic journey as it took us six years to escape. We finally emigrated to the states in 1981. My father never talked about Laos or the secret war when I

was a child and sadly he never would. He died when I was a teenager. His passing raised so many questions and inspired me to research our family history and that is how I came upon the Secret War. Years later, I discovered the mission of Legacies of War and I knew I had found my purpose. I feel deeply connected to my father, my history and my roots through this opportunity to serve on the Board and help further the great humanitarian work of Legacies for the people of Laos.”

My Story

Khamsone currently serves as Vice Chair of Legacies of War,  where she hopes her connection and efforts in the arts community will create awareness, unity and support to further the mission of Legacies.. Currently she is pursuing a passion project as a Fulbright Specialist connecting her art of cultural arts, preservation and textiles in areas in Laos impacted by conflict and UXO. Prior she was president of Arizona Costume Institute at Phoenix Art Museum, which strives to preserve cultural history through clothing and design. She also sits on the board of Arizona Costume Institute, Asian Corporate and Entrepreneur Leaders and is on the programming committee of Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations. She resides in Arizona, where her family emigrated in 1981, after the fall of Saigon and the American Secret War, which left her birthplace in Laos as the most heavily bombed country in history.

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