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Harold Weight

Board of Directors

"I feel a great honor to be on the board of Legacies of War.  Like many, or more accurately most Americans, I was not fully aware of the tremendous amount of bombing that occurred in Laos, nor the amount that remains as unexploded ordnance.  As I have become more aware and knowledgeable about this, I feel increasingly motivated to "spread the word" and to do everything I can to work toward removing as much of this ordnance as possible.  That may range from spreading the word to family and friends, encouraging them to further the cause, whether by donation or more importantly, encouraging their elected representatives to get behind this, to lobbying my own representatives and others who are in a position to make a difference.  I feel it is a duty to do anything I can to help mitigate the damage we did in Laos.


My original connection with Laos was hosting a refugee family beginning in 1980...what we thought was a very short term endeavor has become a lifetime involvement with that family.  Hosting them was a life changing experience in many ways and only serves to give me more motivation."

My Story

Most of my professional life was primarily as a financial planner...I am now semi-retired.  I am involved in my community on several levels, including being on the board of two small affinity organizations (Restore College Wrestling Oregon and Flyfishers’ Club of Oregon).  That gives away my favorite hobby…fly fishing!

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