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Adam Thongsavat

Board of Directors

“Growing up in Merced, CA, home to many Southeast Asian refugees particularly Hmong, Lao and Mien, I witnessed firsthand the profound impact of war and the deep socioeconomic struggles as 1st generation Americans struggle to resettle in the United States. It was that experience that led me to become deeply interested in how public policy decisions shape the lives of refugees, immigrants, and citizens. When I first learned about the history the bombings and the 80 million tons of UXO that still remain in the ground, I knew I had to be involved in an organization that was devoted towards ending this tragic legacy of war.”

My Story

Adam serves as Airbnb’s Deputy Public Policy Director for California, Alaska, and Hawaii. Prior to Airbnb, he served in Ohio, California, Arkansas, Texas, and Iowa on presidential, senate, gubernatorial, and congressional campaigns.


In 2013, Adam joined Legacies of War as the Project Director for “Voices from Laos: Clearing Bombs, Protecting Lives”, a groundbreaking national speakers tour sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. On the tour, Legacies traveled to 12 cities across the United States and hosted 17 public events which included a kickoff at the United Nations. Adam has stayed active with Legacies as a volunteer since 2014.

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