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TODAY is Giving Tuesday. Our goal is to raise $5,000! (2).png
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Legacies of War team with children of Ban Naphia, Xieng Khoung Province, Laos / Photo by Kayleb Lee


These children in Ban Naphia, Laos remind us of why we have HOPE. Adorning the walls of this elementary school, are Mine Risk Education posters made by Mines Advisory Group that help children to identify the difference between a bomb and a toy.


Artisans of this village are using safely foraged shrapnel left from the American Secret War in Laos to create jewelry, spoons, and one-of-a-kind statements of HOPE.


We will not allow this history and the people of Laos be forgotten. With over 270 million cluster bombs dropped on Laos, approximately 30% did not explode on impact and are still in the ground just waiting to explode. Legacies of War is an essential part of clearing Laos of life-threatening UXO.

Join the fight and begin the healing. Donations fuel our advocacy and education programs. Please consider giving $25 this Giving Tuesday to support our work!

A majority of the jewelry made in Ban Naphia is purchased by our friends, ARTICLE22. Together, we have two bangles: Trailblazer and Hope All Around. A22 donates 30% of proceeds of the Trailblazer and Hope All Around Bangles to Legacies of War. 

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