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Brigitta Bazsó

Board of Directors

"I grew up in Hungary and Germany. Moving from a then eastern-bloc country to Western Europe was a big cultural difference. I know what it is like having to learn a new language, adjusting to different ways of life, learning new traditions and educational system. I empathize with people, who have to uproot and make a new life in a strange place.

I recall constraints in my early childhood, due to current political and economic restrictions. Having limited freedom in how or where one can go in a physically and mentally safe fashion is something to which I can relate. I hope to help creating a positive impact for the people in Laos.

I first became aware of Legacies of War through conversations with Mike Burton, the current Chair of the Board of Directors, and got interested in getting involved. I read up on the Secret War and its impact on the Laotian people. The long-lasting horrific effects, even into present day, are a great reminder to all that wars impact generations to come. I hope to contribute to education on this topic, raising awareness, as well as funds and aid to address people’s needs"

My Story

Brigitta is an Engineering Executive at Daimler Truck North America, leading highly skilled professionals to drive processes and quality work products along the entire Engineering value chain. Brigitta has degrees in International Business Operations, Business Administration, and Social Science.


During her Social Science studies, Brigitta learned a lot about the Vietnam War and its impacts, and had many conversations with Veterans since. When hearing about the Secret War and its prevailing aftermath, Brigitta wanted to get involved with activities to help remove UXO, provide support to the Laotian people, and advocate against the use of cluster munitions ever again.

She feels strongly about justice and fairness. Brigitta’s collaborative leadership style and proactive approach to issue resolution make her an effective leader.

Brigitta looks forward to advancing the cause of Legacies of War with raising funds and educating communities on the prevailing aftermath of cluster munition in Laos. In addition, she hopes to help with raising further awareness of the destructive effects of these weapons and deter from using them in other countries.  

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