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renee ya

Renee Ya

Board of Directors

"Legacies of War is important to me because my family was directly impacted by the Secret War. Being able to give back to my community in tangible and material ways is incredibly important and I connect with Legacies of War's mission and vision in a visceral way."

My Story

Renee Ya (she/her/they/them/nws) is Hmong American, born and raised in the Central Valley of California hailing from the city of Fresno. Currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, they have worked in the video game and tech industry for over 18 years. Co-founder of Tiger Byte Studios, a technology and media company founded in 2015, a full-service technology company actualizing products and games. A firm believer in connecting community through self-advocacy and storytelling. A Product Manager by trade and mother to the next feisty generation of women warriors.

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