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May Saechao

Board of Directors

“It is a privilege to be here as a member of the Mien community, working alongside talented and dedicated colleagues in helping advance the humanitarian mission of Legacies. It is even more of an honor as a first generation born Mien American woman to be able to represent her entire community of people whose lives were so devastatingly impacted by the war. The aftereffects of trauma from war span across an entire lifetime and existence of a community, not just to those that were exposed, or the generation thereafter – it is felt in the past, present, and future.


The Secret War is an inevitable part of history, one that hundreds of years from now, generations later, will still belong to the descendants of SE Asian refugees. My mission in joining Legacies is to deliver a message of inclusivity and representation to everyone whose history is embedded in these series of events. I am confident with the partnership, not only has the Mien community gained an invaluable ally, but I have also gained a family of dedicated community brothers and sisters. If there is anything I have learned in advocacy, it is that each step is one step closer to the goal, and stronger together.”

My Story

May Saechao is a first generation born in the U.S., Mien American. May lives in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) where she was born and raised and has spent the majority of her life. Growing up, living around the community was important for May, which is one of the reasons why, to this day, May still calls the PNW her home.


May holds a Bachelors of Science in Criminology with a Minor in Psychology. By trade, May is a civil servant for the state government where she has spent over 15+yrs in Public Safety, and in her spare time outside of her profession and personal life, May works as an advocate for underrepresented and marginalized communities. Her interest stems from much of her life experiences growing up in the Mien and SE Asian community, watching many families struggle and continue to still face the same barriers today. May is a firm believer in proactive solutions, and with the tools and resources at her disposal, you can find her at various engagements helping in different community events.