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Heather Atherton

Board of Directors

“Beyond my career of stoking my passion for storytelling through the media, I discovered a new insatiable appetite for research and educating others about the Secret War in Laos about five years ago, not long after my father, a USAF Vietnam veteran, passed away. A pilot who flew secret reconnaissance
missions over Laos in 1973, his unit was impacted by one of the most controversial POW/MIA cases just a week following the Peace Accords, and a week prior to Operation Homecoming. After this discovery in my journey to understand the demons that haunted him for decades, I set off on her own journey to understand the political significance and impact of that incident. This led me to join the Legacies of War team of advisors. I’m proud to turn my thirst for knowledge on this part of our history into action in my support for Legacies of War.”

My Story

Heather is a public and media relations veteran of more than 25 years, consulting independently since 2003. An accomplished publicist, she is also proud to be a child of a Vietnam veteran and aims to help her children understand this war that cast such a significant shadow upon our country that is not explained in history books. Join me on my journey on Twitter and Instagram @athertonpr or at

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