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Aleena Inthaly,

Chief of Staff |

"The life-saving work as a result of Legacies of War’s advocacy and education efforts clear unexploded ordnance from Laos as well as provide spaces for Laotians and Americans alike to heal over generations, including me and my family."

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My Story

Aleena Inthaly (She/Her) serves as Chief of Staff of Legacies of War, Prior to this role, Aleena was a long time volunteer with Legacies of War for over 12 years.

Since joining Legacies of War, Aleena serves as the lead creator of the “Thip Khao,” a creative storytelling hub that houses the “Thip Khao Talk,” the organization’s very first virtual education series turned podcast. Legacies hosted a total of 11 virtual talks in 2021 and released two episodes of the podcast to date with over 18 thousand views. 

Aleena worked on facilitating international exchange programs that focus on international development, education, and exchange programs. Aleena is currently based out of DC and has focused on becoming more involved with immigrant communities in the area, specifically a community that hits close to home, the Lao community. Aleena’s main passion in life is to connect people through conversations of memories, history, culture, and the traditions that come with meeting people in new places and is using that passion in her work at Legacies of War. In her spare time, Aleena is a former Washington DC food tour guide and takes groups through the U St. and Shaw neighborhoods discussing the incredible history of the city, its communities, and the amazing places to eat on each block. 

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