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Aleena Inthaly,

Chief of Staff |

"The life-saving work as a result of Legacies of War’s advocacy and education efforts clear unexploded ordnance from Laos as well as provide spaces for Laotians and Americans alike to heal over generations, including me and my family."

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My Story

Aleena Inthaly (She/Her) serves as Chief of Staff of Legacies of War. Her role involves spearheading the organization's community engagement and grassroots initiatives, which includes convening community-led organizations and like-minded groups to advocate for the removal of landmines and explosive remnants of war in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. She also leads efforts to secure funding for mine risk education and support for victims/survivors of landmine accidents. In addition to her work in advocacy, Aleena is the Creator and Executive Producer of Legacies of War's podcast series, Thip Khao Talk.


Before joining Legacies of War, Aleena worked as the Senior Program Officer at World Learning, a global organization that delivers education programs in over 150 countries. Her responsibilities there included facilitating cultural exchange programs. Currently based in DC, Aleena has been increasingly involved in the immigrant communities in the area, particularly a community that remains close to home: the Lao community.


Aleena's passion lies in connecting people through conversations about their memories, history, culture, and traditions. She uses this passion in her work at Legacies of War to bring people together for important causes. In her free time, Aleena is a former food tour guide in Washington DC and enjoys taking groups through the U St. and Shaw neighborhoods to explore the city's rich history, diverse communities, and great places to eat. She is also a Board Member of City Blossoms, a non-profit organization that promotes the well-being of communities through creative programming in children's gardens.


A Virginia native, Aleena earned her B.A. in Political Science from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she started the first student chapter of Legacies of War.

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